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Stricter Employment Pass Approval Criteria

The Singapore Manpower Ministry has been tightening the criteria for approval of employment pass when companies intend to hire foreign professionals in Singapore. Employers who persist in hiring them for no good reason and fail to have concrete plans to nurture their Singaporean staff will find it harder to operate and expand in Singapore. The ministry… Continue Reading

What Is Personalised Employment Pass?

A personalised employment pass is quite different from other types of work passes in Singapore. The other types of work pass in Singapore include the following: the Singapore Employment Pass, the Work Permit, the S Pass, and the Dependent Pass. The personalised employment pass differs from these in one crucial aspect – as it is “personalised”,… Continue Reading

New Singapore Employment Pass Qualifying Criteria in 2019

MOM regularly reviewed the salary and other qualifying criteria from time to time in order to keep pace with the wages of Singaporean professional and technical staff. This is to discourage employers from favouring foreign candidates instead of locals for professional and technical vacancies in Singapore. The current minimum singapore employment pass qualifying salary of SGD3,600.00… Continue Reading

Working Opportunities for Long Term Visit Pass Holders

Long Term Visit Pass There are a total of 14,694 foreigners married to Singapore Citizens who are living in Singapore on the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) and Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus (LTVP+) schemes as of December 2014. Many foreigners newly married to Singapore citizens are not eligibile for permanent residence or citizenship. Instead, they are issued… Continue Reading

The slideshow presentation provide tips and guides on how to get your Singapore employment pass application right and successful the first time. This information is presented in a concise manner and it also provides a background information, trend and key statistics about foreign employment numbers in Singapore. It also describes the types of work pass available… Continue Reading

Recent Changes to Singapore Employment Act Affecting Singapore Employment Pass

Foreword Work, employment and the associated toils, troubles and remuneration constitute a crucial part of the lives of the modern worker today. Indeed, this spans a complex issue that comprises something of a conflict of interest between the employer and the employee. While the average employer might not be so outwardly calculating, employers would love… Continue Reading

The Perks of Obtaining Your Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore

Ever wonder why many are interested in obtaining a Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore? This is because this is a special self-sponsored work pass offered only to foreigners where an employer is not required at the point of application. It’s issued to senior level and high income foreigners and valid for three years though it’s… Continue Reading

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