Singapore Employment Pass Assessment Criteria Tightened Further

The application process for Singapore Employment Pass (EP) has been further tightened in late 2016 with additional criteria applied for new applications of Employment Pass (EP) holders in recent months. In the past, employment passes were approved based on an applicant’s qualifications, experience and salary. But since the middle to the end of 2016,  companies… Continue Reading

New Singapore Employment Pass Qualifying Salary Criteria With effect From 1 January 2017

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower(MOM) has announced that the qualifying salary criteria for singapore employment pass will be increased from the present SGD3,300.00 per month to SGD3,600.00 per month with effect from 1 January 2017. MOM has regularly reviewed the salary and other qualifying criteria from time to time in order to keep pace with… Continue Reading

Employment Issues Facing PMETs in Singapore

The number of workers laid off in 2015 was 15,580 , an increase of 20% compared to 12,930 in 2014. The employment numbers showed that Professional, managers, executives & technicians (PMET)s formed more than 70% of the redundancies. There is also a broad based decline in the vacancies available across various industries in Singapore. However, only about… Continue Reading

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