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Since 2011, the Ministry of Manpower has tighten the criteria for approval for various types of work passes in Singapore particularly the Singapore Employment Pass application for highly skilled and high income earners.

The government has introduced many measures such as reduce quota, higher levies, fair employment practice guidelines, the requirements to advertise in the jobsbank over the last few years to manage the number of work pass approvals granted.

Due to the strong demand from foreigners applying to work in Singapore and the fear amongst Singaporean that their jobs are taken away by foreigners, the competition for the available work and employment passes in Singapore will be more intense in the coming years. However, foreign talents and manpower particularly in strategic industries and those of high economic values are still welcome in Singapore as the country continue striving to be a successful open economy connected to the world economy. On 16 April 2016, the Minister of Manpower, Mr Tan Swee Say has further elaborated on how the government will assess the application of employment pass going forward as follows: He said “We will therefore refine the processing of work pass applications for EP. Currently, when processing EP applications, we assess the individual-related criteria, their qualifications, their experience, their salary. Going forward, we will also be looking at three additional factors that are company-related. So, not just individual-related criteria but also company-related. And the assessment will be carried out by TAFEP – Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices.”

To be successful, each Singapore employment pass application will need to be carefully planned, well thought out, properly documented and justified. Having been in the business since 2003, our team has the necessary experience and expertise to assist our clients to prepare and process their application for all types of work passes including singapore employment pass successfully. We provide a FREE preliminary assessment and strategic advice for initial consultation and planning such as quota, levies and qualifications required for application.

Our professional fees are reasonable and we would only collect the full amount upon the approval of employment pass.

Once we are engaged to assist you, we will work closely with you with regard to the preparation of complete documentation required, including appeal submission etc in the event your initial application is rejected.

You can also consider using a free assessment tool provided by The Ministry of Manpower to assess the eligibility of foreigners attending to apply for employment pass and the tool can be found at this link:



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