Renew Your Dependent’s Pass Before It Expires

A dependent pass is also a prerequisite for the dependents of employment pass holders in Singapore to travel and live in the country with their family members without having to obtain an addition entry visa when he goes out.

Issued by the Ministry of Manpower, the permit is normally valid from 1-2 years and automatically expires when the main employment pass holders is cancelled or expires.

General Guidelines to Qualify for a Dependent Pass (DP)

Because foreign professionals in Singapore are wholly respected in terms of background, status, and eligibility the government mandates that they meet a certain criteria to make traveling in and out of the country much easier. This great advantage also extends to his immediate family.

Qualification for a Singaporean Dependent Pass requires an applicant ie the main employment pass holders to have at least a minimum salary of SGD6,000 per month starting Jan 2018.

Dependent pass visas for spouse and children of employment pass holders who would like to live in Singapore is a great opportunity to have access to quality education, lifestyle perks, and other conveniences in the country.

Renewing a Dependent Pass is an Easy Step

Renewing a dependent pass usually falls under the jurisdiction of the employer as they are required to be one of the sponsor of the applicant. Typically, the dependent pass are renewed at the same time as the employment pass holders and the time line provided by Ministry of Manpower to process the renewal process and re-evaluate qualifications is about 3 weeks. Applications for renewal should be done between 3 to 6 months prior to expiry of both the employment pass and dependent pass.

Sponsorship and EntrePass permit holders are required to renew their DP when they receive the renewal forms through the postal service. This should be done 3 months before the permit expires. The Ministry of Manpower has to get hold of your renewal application 2 months in advance.

For faster processing, Dependent Pass can also be renewed by working with licensed employment agencies in Singapore who are familiar with the process.

Important Pointers You Need to Know When Applying for a Renewal

Because the Ministry of Manpower requires a DP holder to renew the validity several months before it expires, the penalties for missing the deadline can have serious consequences. When this happens, you need to apply for a new pass and the renewal may not be guaranteed.

Your application will be decided based on the prevailing criteria as stated and processing takes for a number of weeks. It is also important to understand that the renewed visa will not take effect until the current DP has expired. So this means that the initial pass will still be valid even when you have received a new DP by post.

Early processing is just to provide you with continuity of the privilege to traveling to and from the country without being prohibited by the Immigration Department.


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